Repairing your RC Helicopter

At this point, we now know that there are a lot of toy vehicles that can be flown by radio controlling. Amongst these, the most complicated to handle are perhaps the RC helicopter. To be able to master the arts of flying and landing, relentless hours of practice is vital. Thus it is only natural for rookie RC helicopter flyers to experience crashes here and there, now and then. Learning takes time.

Overhauling your damaged RC helicopter can also be a tedious process. That is why any RC helicopter lover and enthusiast must at all times have on hand the tools necessary for even the most minor of damages and most especially the major ones. What are these tools, you say? They are the following:

  • Screw drivers of different sizes
  • Pliers with pointed tips
  • Allen keys
  • Hex drivers of various sizes
  • Scissors
  • Cordless drills
  • Glue
  • Sand papers
  • Swiss knife

The equipments mentioned above are the most common types that one may need in case crashes occur while flight time.

Repairing the RC helicopter blades

Crashes may result in damaging the RC helicopter blades, most normally. And during this time, you may want to just repair any dent or fractures with the use of glue. Do not! Blades being repaired by glue will only be unstable and cause the RC helicopter to vibrate. To repair the blades, you will have to replace them thoroughly by first removing the bolts using the allen keys. Take out the damaged blades and replace them with new ones. But be cautious when tightening the bolts as over tightening them can cause the new blades to crack.

RC helicopter crashed, keeps rotating

Another common thing that can happen is after a crash, your RC helicopter will still be spinning. The problem can be because of an imbalance in the rotor blades’ pitch. You can repair this by adjusting the transmitter trim. If the rotor keeps on turning to the left, fiddle with the top rotor blade; carefully curve the blade’s back edge for additional pitch. If the rotor keeps on rotating to the right, do the same thing to the bottom rotor blades. Remember, always try applying gradual pressure on the blades to not bend and break them.

RC helicopter crashed, top rotor blade not spinning

If your RC helicopters top rotor blade does not rotate after the crash, the problem is most probably loosened shaft and gears not interlocked correctly. Try to move the shaft upward and downward; if there still is no improvement, try tightening your rotor shaft by using any solid surface to support the rotor shaft’s base. After doing so, gently push down the main gears’ top. Do not tighten it too much as the rotor shaft may not spin freely.


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